Commit 67dd49a6 authored by Juraj Sloboda's avatar Juraj Sloboda Committed by Matej Feder

Fix and simplify bundle decoding

parent b74488be
import logging
from pydtn.bundle_protocol import bp_agent
from pydtn.bundle_protocol.bp import EndOfData
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
async def recv_callback(ctx, app_eid, src_eid):'BP client "{app_eid}" receiving ADU from "{src_eid}"')
while True:
data = await bp_agent.receive(ctx)
except EndOfData:
print(data.decode('ascii'), end='', flush=True)
async def recv_callback(adu, adu_len, app_eid, src_eid):'BP client "{app_eid}" received ADU from of length {adu_len} from "{src_eid}"')
def start(config):
import datetime
import logging
import time
from io import BytesIO
from cbor2 import CBORDecoder
from cbor2 import CBORDecoder, CBORDecodeError
from ..encoding.bundle7 import EID
from ..util.aio_scheduler import AIOScheduler
from ..util.exceptions import AlreadyRegisteredError
from ..util.io_util import CountingBytesIO
from ..util.hexdump import hexdump
from . import convergence_layers
......@@ -20,15 +20,6 @@ from . import misc
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class EndOfData(Exception):
class ClientNotRegistered(Exception):
def __init__(self, eid):
self.eid = eid
class NoContactError(Exception):
def __init__(self, eid):
self.eid = eid
......@@ -151,6 +142,8 @@ class BPAgent:'BP Agent failed to connect to "{dst_eid}" node')
async def _create_and_send_bundle_msg(self, source, destination, payload):
if isinstance(payload, str):
payload = payload.encode('ascii')
data = misc.serialize_bundle(source, destination, payload)
via_eid = self._get_via_eid(destination)
if via_eid is None:
......@@ -181,112 +174,61 @@ class BPAgent:
await self._create_and_send_bundle_msg(get_bp_node_id(), target_eid, inner_msg)
async def receive(context):
assert(isinstance(context, BPAgent.PayloadReader))
return await
class _CannotExtractEIDsFromDataYet(Exception):
class _CannotDetermineBpClientAndSrcEIDYet(Exception):
class _CannotTranslateYet(Exception):
def _decode_bundle_block(data):
fp = CountingBytesIO(data)
async def _recv_callback(self, conn):'BP Agent is receiving bundle')
last_bundle_segment = False
bundle_data = b''
while not last_bundle_segment:
data_segment, _, last_bundle_segment = await conn.recv()
bundle_data += data_segment
fp = BytesIO(bundle_data)
decoder = CBORDecoder(fp)
obj = decoder.decode()
len = fp.position
return obj, len
def _extract_dst_and_src_eids_from_data(data):
block, len = BPAgent._decode_bundle_block(data[1:])
except Exception:
raise BPAgent._CannotExtractEIDsFromDataYet
return str(EID(block[3])), str(EID(block[4]))
bundle = decoder.decode()
except CBORDecodeError as e:
logger.warning(f'Error in CBOR format of received bundle: {str(e)}')
def _determine_bp_client_and_src_eid(self, data):
client_eid, src_eid = self._extract_dst_and_src_eids_from_data(data)
except BPAgent._CannotExtractEIDsFromDataYet:
raise BPAgent._CannotDetermineBpClientAndSrcEIDYet
client = self._get_client_by_eid(client_eid)
if client is None:
raise ClientNotRegistered(client_eid)
return self._get_client_by_eid(client_eid), client_eid, src_eid
def _translate_to_upper_layer(data):
data = data[1:]
while True:
block, stream_len = BPAgent._decode_bundle_block(data)
except Exception:
raise BPAgent._CannotTranslateYet
if block[0] == 1:
return block[5].encode('ascii'), block[4]
data = data[stream_len:]
async def _recv_callback(self, conn):'BP Agent started to receive bundle')
added_data = b''
while True:
data, first_bundle_segment, last_bundle_segment = await conn.recv()
logger.debug(f'BP Agent received data of length {len(data)}')
added_data += data
bp_client, app_eid, src_eid = self._determine_bp_client_and_src_eid(added_data)
except BPAgent._CannotDetermineBpClientAndSrcEIDYet:
while True:
translated_data, total_len = BPAgent._translate_to_upper_layer(added_data)
except BPAgent._CannotTranslateYet:
if last_bundle_segment:
f'BP Agent failed to recognize received data as bundle:\n{hexdump(added_data)}')
await bp_client._recv_callback(
self.PayloadReader(translated_data, last_bundle_segment, conn, total_len),
app_eid, src_eid)
data, first_bundle_segment, last_bundle_segment = await conn.recv()
if last_bundle_segment:'BP Agent finished receiving bundle')
added_data += data
class PayloadReader:
def __init__(self, initial_data, data_complete, reader, n_to_read):
self._initial_data = initial_data
self._reading_finished = data_complete
self._reader = reader
self._n_to_read = n_to_read
async def read(self):
if self._initial_data is not None:
return_data = self._initial_data
self._initial_data = None
return return_data
if self._reading_finished:
raise EndOfData
data, first_bundle_segment, last_bundle_segment = await self._reader.recv()
if len(data) < self._n_to_read:
self._n_to_read -= len(data)
return data
return_data = data[:self._n_to_read]
while not last_bundle_segment:
data, first_bundle_segment, last_bundle_segment = await self._reader.recv()
self._reading_finished = True'BP Agent finished receiving bundle')
return return_data
assert isinstance(bundle, list)
assert len(bundle) >= 2
primary_block = bundle[0]
assert isinstance(primary_block, list)
assert len(primary_block) > 4
src_eid_block = primary_block[4]
assert isinstance(src_eid_block, list)
assert len(src_eid_block) == 2
src_eid = str(EID(src_eid_block))
dst_eid_block = primary_block[3]
assert isinstance(dst_eid_block, list)
assert len(dst_eid_block) == 2
dst_eid = str(EID(dst_eid_block))
bp_client = self._get_client_by_eid(dst_eid)
if bp_client is None:
logger.warning(f'BP Agent received bundle with unknown EID ({dst_eid}) as destination')
payload_block = bundle[-1]
assert isinstance(payload_block, list)
assert len(payload_block) > 5
assert isinstance(payload_block[0], int)
assert payload_block[0] == 1
payload = payload_block[5]
assert isinstance(payload, bytes)
except AssertionError or ValueError:
logger.warning(f'Error in bundle format of received bundle')
logger.debug(f'Received data:\n{hexdump(bundle_data)}')
logger.debug('Calling BP client receive callback')
await bp_client._recv_callback(payload, len(payload), dst_eid, src_eid)
logger.debug('BP client receive callback finished')
class BPPrivateAPI:
from io import BytesIO
class CountingBytesIO(BytesIO):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.position = 0
def read(self, size):
data = super().read(size)
self.position += len(data)
return data
class WritebackReader:
def __init__(self, reader):
self._reader = reader
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